Our Client

We offer you a group of our valued customers which we always have the honor to work with in all fields. This is a group of customers only, not all customers know them now.

First: Hotels and tourist villages in Cairo and Hurghada: –

Jasmine Group For Touristic Projects: –

Village on Baba
The village of Alauddin
Jasmine Village
Village of Titanic

Nile Hospital in Hurghada: –

Suez Specialized Hospital

Albatros Group: –

Aqua Vista
Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels
Dana Beach
Beach Albatros
One Thousand and One Nights

Azur Group: –

Arabale Azur
Azur Therapies

Three Corners Group:

Ocean View Hotel El Gouna

Super Market

Spence Market
Ragab’s parents

Grand Palace Hotel: –

Sultan Beach Hotel
Delta Pyramids Hotel
Al Basha Village
Golden Village
Sonsa Hotel & Casino Cairo
Solymar Sea Star Taba Hotel
Middle East Hotel
The village of Disney
Coral Sea Hotels Group

Second: Restaurants and tourist boats: –

NTS Group of Floating Hotels
Egyptian British Restaurants Company
1 Papas
2 Papas
Babas Beach
Restaurant Ancelo El Gouna
Break Time Coffee Shop (Full Processing)
Cafi de Limar Hurghada
Fish House Restaurants
Lotus Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Mandara Restaurant & Coffee Shop (Complete Processing)
El Araby Restaurants
Nile Group For Restaurants (Full Processing)
Al Kawther Leasing Company – Sharm El Sheikh
Oscar Restaurant and Coffee Shop (Full Processing)
Taj Restaurants in Tanta
Retro Restaurant & Café
Chain of Gad Restaurants
Khedive Restaurant & Coffee Shop (Complete Equipment)
Amarino Pastry – Cairo

Third: Centers: –

National Research Center

Fourth: Agricultural Reclamation Companies:

LANMA Agriculture Reclamation Company
Jinan Agricultural Reclamation Company

Fifth: Embassies:

Embassy of Qatar

Sixth: Other companies

Sugar mines for Dahab
Al Rahmani Company
Ceramica Kilopatra
House of experience
Eastern Sugar Company

Seventh: Oil companies

Badr Petroleum Company

Eight: Departments:

House of Protocol for police officers in Algeria

pharmaceutical companies

Ramida Pharmaceuticals
Sofico Pharm Company

Tiger Boat Group

Tiger Leila
Touch Tiger
Tornado Marine Group
Imperial floating vessel
Blue Nile composite
The floating Nile Maxime compound

A series of restaurants: –

Degla Club for Police Officers
Gad Restaurants
Qadoura Restaurants for Fish
Sports Cafe

Casper Restaurant
Mehab Restaurant Group
Al Haramain Group for Meat (Complete Processing)
Restaurant Cortigano
Viking Restaurant
Rossini Restaurant Kasper Restaurant
Pagoda Restaurant
Borghe Restaurant
The Imperial Ship
Egyptian Telecommunications Co. (xceed)


University of October MSA
Nile University
Mansoura University

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